It’s easy for us to blow our own trumpet. But the important thing is what others say about the service we provide.

ACE Business Solutions have been doing our payroll now for 7 years now and each month we pay their invoice with a smile on our face, knowing they have done a great job for us and at a reasonable cost. It is also good to have them as a source of reference for any matters concerning our payroll.

Jan Powell, Director | Email: j.powell@pizazzsystems.com

Ace Business Solutions have been our provider for over 10 years. They have taken the worry and pressure off our internal office staff and kept our confidential information, well confidential.

Using Ace for our payroll means that there is greater time for our staff to work on our core business rather than spend one day a week worrying about balancing the wages, calculating PAYE and so on.

I would recommend the team at Ace, they are swift, competent and always available at the end of the phone or email.

Tania Walters, Managing Director

In my small business I employ 10-12 team members at any one time. I generally don't outsource anything, but for a number of years I've trusted Eric and his team at Ace Business Solutions. Since then I wouldn't dream of taking back the payroll nightmare. They do a great job and save me heaps of time every fortnight.

Sean Mitchell,Publisher | Techday

Ace Business Solutions came to the rescue for WhereScape Ltd in the early days when our small private company had a need. Many years later that small company now has more than 65 employees and Ace has been with us the whole journey and will be there as it continues.

Ace Business Solutions took the growth of WhereScape in its stride, is efficient in its service and can answer any question we throw at them. The service is impeccable. Ace Business Solutions is a valued partner to our company.

Liz Stephens, Financial Controller | WhereScape

Two years ago, we decided to oursource our payroll. We did a lot of market research and then selected Ace Business Solutions because of their attractive cost rates and responsiveness.

We have now been a client for 2 years and we are very happy with the service and responsiveness we get from the team at Ace.

they are a great company to work with and we are very pleased with the help and service we get from Ace. We highly recommned them as an outsourcing partner. They are a great company to work with.

Feel free to talk to us about ACE if you have any other questions.

Belinda Johnson, CEO | Mindfull Ltd.

Testimonials relating to the Ace Payroll System
These testimonials were received by phone, mail and email.
Without exception, the testimonials are unsolicited.
They are word for word statements heard from clients most days.

  • Sue, Kerikeri, S/N 13524 “Helpful as usual, your system and service continues to be wonderful.”
  • Karena, Auckland, S/N 6191 “Thank you for all your support over the years. I have found working with Ace Payroll to be very simple & straight forward – with easy to read reports – which made checking things is a breeze!”
  • Neil , Hamilton, S/N 10270 “Your software is marvellous. I’ve put quite a few people onto you.”
  • Jodee, Levin, S/N 14746 “I think Ace is so user friendly!”
  • Jacqui, Whitianga, S/N 19804 “Your company answers the phone so fast, amazing!”
  • Margaret, Nelson, S/N 18139 “Personally I can’t understand why anyone would use a different system to Ace Payroll – it is so easy to use!”
  • Meng Chan, Auckland, S/N 5432 “I love this system its so easy to use Im very happy”
  • Gail, Auckland, S/N 20540 “I really do love your payroll, it is so easy. I’ve used all the others and Ace Payroll is by far the best.”
  • Fiona, Christchurch, S/N 21296 “We may only have one employee but because it’s so simple and easy, getting Ace Payroll is still absolutely worth it!”
  • Ian, Dunedin, S/N 10876 “Thank you so much for the KiwiSaver newsletter that came with the CD, it was a pleasure to read from cover to cover and made everything very clear, unlike the confusing document the IRD just sent us!”
  • Chrissi , Christchurch, S/N 21328 “I love Ace Payroll, it is just so easy to use. I tried to use MYOB payroll and it baffled me but I haven’t had a single problem with your one.”
  • Barry, Auckland, S/N 18823 “My sincere thanks to Ace Payroll for all the help you have given me regarding the spyware that was interfering with my payroll. I really mean it.”
  • Andy , Auckland, S/N 18171 “I really appreciate Ace Payroll, it is really excellent to work with. I used to do it all by hand and this just takes the hassle right out of it. I recommend Ace Payroll to every company I know that is having problems with their payroll!”
  • Shirley, Taupo, S/N 21480 “Your program is absolutely wonderful, everything is so simple and easy to follow.”
  • Anne , Auckland, S/N 21028 “I love this system!”
  • Colin, Christchurch, S/N 5567 “Just a quick note to say thanks for the upgrade. Ace Payroll just keeps getting better and better. I love the email payslips option!”
  • Kelly, Invercargill, S/N 7609 “I just want to pass on to your people that I am so excited that I can now email payslips. This is the best upgrade ever and I am so pleased I dont need to fold payslips any more.”
  • Shirley, Auckland, S/N 17287 “If I could I would yell off the rooftops how easy your payroll is! It is amazing.”
  • Maree, Christchurch, S/N 19305 “This is the most fantastic software I have used. It is wonderful.”
  • Leone, Auckland, S/N 19942 “I love this system, it is so good it just takes so little time to do the wages.”
  • Lynley , Tokoroa, S/N 6193 “I would just like to finish by telling you that in my humble opinion you have a fantastic program and I always recommend it to anyone who is ever looking for a payroll system or I hear them grumbling away about their present one. I have converted one or two as well – I shall keep on spreading the gospel.”
  • Chris , Tauranga 3001, S/N 21455 “Ace Payroll is so simple to use I can’t figure out anyone would use a different system?”
  • Tracy, Christchurch, S/N 6770 “I don’t know how you do it, you people are absolute life savers. I appreciate you all so much.”
  • Leigh-ann , Christchurch, S/N 20991 “I love you people. I’m going to refer you to all my clients!”
    Chris, Bay Of Plenty, S/N 4999 “Such a lovely program!”
  • Deanne, Wanaka, S/N 7023 “I just wanted to let you know how impressed I have been with your staff over the last two days while I have been having major issues setting up a new company through Ace Payroll. I was on the phone constantly annoying and questioning. No one lost patience with me and they went out of their way to be helpful. Thank you!”
  • Christine, Christchurch, S/N 20414 “I can’t believe how uncomplicated this payroll is! I was using this other payroll and it was an absolute nightmare and always has been. But this is so easy to use, it is amazing.”
  • Sue, Blenheim, S/N 13959 “It is a lovely system to work with and everyone on the help desk is great!”
  • Sue, Auckland, S/N 21839 “I am very impressed with your company. It is nice to deal with people who speak nicely to you.”

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