Completing the Jigsaw Puzzle

By Eric Neal

Completing the jigsaw puzzle
One of Eric’s pursuits in the last few years is writing, and while many might think that religion is a boring subject, he believes this is mainly because many people are confused by religion and see it as has having no relevance in a world which is more focused on scientific pursuits, ignoring what he believes is the true source of all science. 

In his book ‘Completing the Jigsaw Puzzle’, Eric tears away the layers of confusion and presents religion in a logical and meaningful way, explaining why there are so many religions. This is not like any other book of its kind. He wants to share his story with New Zealand visitors of this website, at no cost, in the hope that many will gain the same peace of mind that there is truly a viable and inevitable solution to the problems facing this world. That alone makes this book very relevant. 

If you would like a free copy of Completing the Jigsaw Puzzle, please go to the Contact Us page and request one, not forgetting to include your physical address.
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